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Bringing good governance concept at the barangay
Wednesday, May 20 2015

With good and transparent governance becoming a norm at City Hall, Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino can never go wrong. The mayor wants this good governance translated in the barangays. After all, Roxas City government has shown the way. It has been bestowed 3 times by the Department of Interior and Local Government the Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping and Good Governance. Good governance must be felt inthe grassroots (read: barangays). After all, when the country is going to the dogs, bulk of the blame goes to local governments.

The mayor believes that local governments play a key role in promoting tourism, business and industrial growth. The competent ones provide decent education and health care to their constituents, and see to it that communities at all income levels are kept clean and relatively safe.

Competent executives local executives (like the mayor) are aware that they are accountable to the people and have no problem with efforts to promote transparency particularly in the utilization of public funds.

The mayor believes that if local chief executives have nothing to hide, they should have no problem with the disclosure requirement policy.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion