Roxas City Mayor Alan Celino


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Making inroads in governance

While he has yet to totally see the fruits of his "toil" in the area of governance, Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino can at least take comfort in the fact that, five years into the office, he has considerably made inroad s in local governance. This is attested by the Good Financial Housekeeping from the Department of Interior and Local Government, which the City got three times.

The mayor continues to pursue his mandate with passion, apparently inspired by the positive turnout of things.

The mayor continues to lead by example as his guiding principle in achieving his dream for the city and its constituents.

He brought out the best in city employees buy boosting their morale, especially when he gave them salary increases under the Salary Standardization Law.

The Mayor tries to give credit where credit is due. This is to encourage others to emulate their colleagues who have done well in their job.

Despite the many problems besetting the City, the mayor never shrinks from his image as a leader full of hope, full of optimism, someone who prefers to see the brighter side of life notwithstanding the chaos and uncertainly lurking behind.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion