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Music to the ears

That Roxas City is growing is an understatement.

The near accurate description about the city's development came from by Helen Camarista, OIC regional director of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas. Talking about the state of region's economy and tourism, she told Inquirer correspondent Nestor Burgos that Roxas City is the "fastest" in the region in terms of the emergence hotels, stores and other business. Well, this is music to our ears.

Truly, this is one reality that is staring us in the face. Mayor Celino himself is ecstatic about the development. He must take the situation as a real challenge to his leadership, at the same time basking in the thought that the phenomenal transformation of Roxas City from its laidback state into a bustling metropolis is taking place during his time. Could it be that the mayor is simply at the right place, at the right time and with the right people? If so, he could be the luckiest mayor this city has ever had.

But, wait. Everything that is happening in this city would not have been possible without the mayor's and the rest of the city official's imprimatur, without their concrete actions, so to speak. Aside from exhibiting business friendly attitudes in their dealing with would - be investors, Mayor Celino and the City Council have come up with measures to further entice investors. Hence, the birth of the Roxas City Investment Code.

Under the backing of his allies at the Liberal Party, Mayor Celino is bent on pushing Roxas City towards claiming its rightful place in the sun.

The support of transportation Secretary Mar Roxas II and his mother Judy Araneta-Roxas is particularly curial in this regard.

Mrs. Roxas has shown her active participation in Mayor Celino's beautification efforts. She is partly credited for restoring the city fountain to its old shape. Now, the fountain is a sight to behold.

The islands along Roxas Boulevard have also been planted with palm trees. And through her, the People's Park in Barangay Baybay has been spruced up with the putting up of the dancing fountain and seafood stalls.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion