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Best Practices: Information and Communication Technology in Real Property Tax Administration
Sunday, August 23 2015

Before: Transactions are so slow, inconvenience in the storage and retrieval of records, untimely report generation.  Unguided clients are having a hard time in processing their assessment and real property tax billing requirements.

Currently: With Information and communications Technology (ICT) application, hardware acquisition, in house software design and development, data encoding, corrections, updating and testing of documents generated from the system makes the overall process productive both for the clientele and employees.

Goal: Fast transactions, efficient, customer friendly as well as satisfactory service.  A  Big step in customer service.

Income Statistics: The collection and records management greatly improved due to accurate assessment figures and timely billings.

Steps in implementing the project:

  • Executive order no. 16 was issued by the Local Chief Executive (LCE) for the creation of a Technical Working Group (TWG) to conduct studies and comprehensive project design and development strategies.
  • Project feasibility approval
  • Acquisition and installation of Hardware requirements
  • Software design and development by in house programmers using Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Open source language (Microsoft Access) linked to Arcview 3.0. Vicinity maps and tax declaration display and hardcopy printing.
  • Data encoding of required databases
  • Connectivity Improvements (Local Area Networking)
  • Parallel runs and program debugging
  • System Implementation

The Future: With all the parts in place, an automated information management, tax collection and reduction in bureaucratic red tape will become a catalyst and inspiration to our tax payers in tax payments.

Analysis: In terms of cost, the management save a significant amount of tax payer's money by developing the system in house.  Local ICT Hardware suppliers benefited in the procurement process.  City assessor's services improved greatly.  City treasurers land tax division with their own automated recording and billing system accelerated the order of payments for real property taxes.

Summary: The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) boast the service capability to clients, secured the records, timely reporting, employee morale upliftment and most of all improved/increase tax administration procedure.  Testimonies from stakeholders in their business transaction in the area of real property assessment and billing made positive comments and expressed surprises in the electronic processing of their transactions. “Only here in Roxas City did we experienced this digital data processing of our vicinity maps and tax declaration request.”  Another satisfied customer even donated 2 units of computer hardware to increase the productivity of the City Assessor’s Office.  “Somebody please come with me right now and I will buy 2 units of computers as my token of appreciation for your speedy processing of my documents.”

Source: Ricardo B. Ureta (Supervising Computer Operator, Roxas City)