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High time Capiz had a President
Monday, November 09 2015

The last time that Capiz was given the opportunity to steer the leadership of Malacanang was when President Manuel Roxas became President, from May 26, 1946 to April 15, 1948. That was more than 67 years ago!

Explaining the main reason why he chose not to run in the 2016 local election, particularly for Capiz's gubernatorial post, businessman Joel Longares felt that while he can do something for Capiz, LP standard bearer Mar Roxas ll "can do more."

Longares said it would take, perhaps more than 50 or 100 years before a Capiceno is given the chance to sit in the Palace, the country's seat of power. "But why wait for that period when we have Mar Roxas ll now that is very much qualified to run for the highest post of the land?"

By foregoing with his gubernatorial bid (which leaves Capiz first district congressman Antonio del Rosario of the LP without opponent), Longares said he (Del Rosario) can better concentrate in his campaign for Roxas and that all other Capicenos, like him, can actively campaign for Roxas in the presidential election.

With Roxas as President, he can easily bring in billions of pesos in projects to Capiz and other provinces in the Visayas, in turn ensuring equal distribution of projects. Most of the country's Presidents, notable President Marcos and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, came from Luzon, the reason why development was focused in the region for the last several years.

If we elect Roxas as our President, concerns from the Visayas and Mindanao can easily be attended to. Congressman Del Rosario, on the other hand, said Roxas can ensure the completion of the Capiz River Basin Flood Control Project ,which costs more than P10 billion.These and other projects have been in the pipeline for so long and when Roxas getst to sit in Malacanang, it would be easy for these projects to be realized.

Del Rosario was in the gathering of Longares and supporters wherein the former announced the deferment of his gubernatorial ambition.

Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino agreed with Longares that it is high time we had a President in the person of Mar Roxas. It will be a rare chance and a great opportunity for a Capiceno to be given the chance to sit in Malacanang.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion