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Purchase of Fuel, Oil and Lubricants Expenses

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is strictly requiring "Posting of financial documents and transactions on website, conspicuous places within local Government-owned buildings and print media, etc."

Purchase of Fuel, Oil and Lubricants Expenses:

1.Proposed Multi-Purposed Covered Court, Brgy. Mongpong, R.C.
2.Proposed Const. of Covered Gym, Brgy. San Jose, R.C.
3.Demolition, Relocation, Desilting, dredging and Clearing portion of San Roque Bridge to Jumbo Bridge, Roxas City                         
4.Bituminous Surface Treatment of Various Brgy. Roads, R.C.
5.Declogging of Existing Drainage System for Various Streets, R.C.