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Vision and Mission

For dynamic and responsive governance, the seventeen (17) local officers have formatted its vision and mission to which the city as a whole could deliver effective and efficient services to the general community, to help improve the situation of quality life of people, as the theory states , an organization without a vision is like a ship without a rudder, it goes around without correct direction.

Vision is view of an organization’s future direction of a guiding concept for what an organization is trying to do and to become. Through vision, an organization be develop to a clear picture of what or when you needs to be headed over the next ten (10) years or more. It is also a prerequisite to effective leadership, a manager cannot function effectively as a good leader without a sound concept of his organization. That’s why every local office had formulated its own vision and mission.

Our Vision

We envision the Roxas City local government to be a family of employees who are God-loving, peaceful, healthy, efficient, and committed champions of progress, development and quality public service working in the spirit of sustainability, strong democratic values, transparency and a viable partnership between the people and government.

Our Mission

We, the people of Roxas City,

  • The enrichment of Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Values while fostering sound ideals, efficiency, gender equality, and quality public service;
  • The enhancement of physical, educational, social, political and economic well being of our employees;
  • The safeguarding of natural and man-made resources; and
  • The sustenance of an effective partnership between people and government towards the full realization of our vision.

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