First Mayor of Roxas City
(1951 – 1953) (1960-1969)

Lorenzo Acuña Arnaldo, Tio Inzo, to the Capiznon, is best remembered for his charisma.  As a political leader of Capiz, Capiz (now Roxas City) for more than a decade, he attracted the common man with his common touch and clinched each one’s love and friendship with his loyalty.  Those who followed him as a leader, swore by him and would die for him. 

Lorenzo Acuña Arnaldo was a lawyer.  He graduated from the University of the Philippines.  He was born to former Mayor of Capiz, Capiz Manuel Arnaldo and Ricarda Acuña on July 7, 1912.  In 1946, he was appointed personal secretary to President Manuel Roxas.

When Capiz, Capiz was chartered as a city on May 12, 1951, Arnaldo was appointed its first Mayor by President Elpidio Quirino. On March 15, 1952 he married Violeta Alvarez with whom he had five children – Manuel, Ma. Cristina, Consuelo, Antonio and Lourdes.  Inzo Arnaldo was also the first elected City Mayor of Roxas City and took his oath of office on January 1, 1960.  He died as City Mayor on May 13, 1969, a day after the 18th charter anniversary of his beloved city. / Ang Panublion Museum