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Mayor Celino's legacy (Part 1)
Tuesday, May 19 2015


After more than five years in office and is now on his way to completing his third term as the city's chief executive, Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino is well on his way of leaving an important legacy to the people of Roxas City. This is the legacy of Pagbag-o or CHANGE. Used to be just a battle cry, the Pagbag-o, loosely translated as For a Change, has become a reality under Mayor Celino's stewardship.

What are these changes?

The problem of "ghost employees, which bloat the bureaucracy and deplete government resources, is now a thing of the past.

Another dramatic CHANGE that had materialized under the Celino-run government is that "ghost time ins" and "ghost time outs" have been eliminated. This became possible after MayorCelino pushed for the acquisition of biometric time clocks, which identify employees through their personal attributes. Thus, proxies for absentee and latecomer employees are now a "no-no."

One big CHANGE that can be credited to Mayor Celino is that City Hall, for the first time, has become "smoke –free." Through the backing of the City Health Office and the City Council, the mayor has managed not only to make City Hall, but other establishments as well, "smoke-free." Because of this, Roxas City has been awarded three times by the Department of Health the Red Orchid Award and Roxas City is now deemed a model nationwide in its campaign towards a "l00-percent tobacco-free environment."

And don't look now. It seems that it's only during Mayor Celino's time that the highly-touted salary increase for city employees is given much attention under the Salary Standardization Law. (To be continued)

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion