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LP: Status quo for Roxas City mayor in 16 polls

It's status quo for the LP lineup for Roxas City, a highly-placed source quoted LP president Mar Roxas ll as saying. Which means that the incumbent mayor of Roxas City, Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino , who is still eligible for one term, would still be the official candidate of the Liberal Party in the next election.

The mayor has indicated his desire to finish his terms of office, citing his many accomplishments in governance as his ticket. These accomplishments have been noted by no less than Roxas himself as he congratulated Celino for these.

Thrice, Roxas City was conferred the Seal of Good Governance which was later renamed Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping by the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Roxas City has also become a model in the country and in the ASEAN for its successful campaign against tobacco use. It has been awarded by the Department of Health three times in for its "no-smoking campaign."

Roxas Ciy also ranks third in the region that can generate more revenues, next to Iloilo city and Bacolod City.

The capacity of local government units to generate revenues from local sources shows their degree of fiscal independence from the national government.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion