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Roxas City: From Seafood Capital to Logistics Hub of Panay Island
Friday, July 24 2015

Roxas City has gained prominence as the country's seafood capital when then Capiz first district Congressman Mar Roxas ll gathered the cross section of the Capiz populace to conceptualize the best tag for Roxas City and Capiz. That was in 1993. The consensus then was to call Roxas City and Capiz the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines." And who would argue with that? The moniker would soon catch fire and even the international community would completely agree to the tag.

Since then, Roxas City was no longer relegated to the background whenever potential cities in the country are brought to the fore during forums or conversations. Capiz and Roxas City have managed to erase the unfair tag as "home of the witches." Now, Roxas is in the thick of trying to establish Roxas City and Capiz as the "Logistics Hub of Northern Panay and a "preferred investment destination."

The result? Roxas City is now experiencing an investment boom never before seen. Department of Tourism head for Western Visayas Helen Catalbas has dubbed Roxas City the "fastest growing" in terms of the number of hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

Also, numerous multinational companies of consumer goods are locating their warehouses and depots in Capiz. Northern Panay has a combined population of about 1.5 million and is composed of the provinces of Capiz and Aklan and northern parts of Iloilo and Antique.

Danilo So Chan, Capiz Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council (MSMEDC) chairperson, said they are closely working with the local business sector led by the Capiz Halaran Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Roxas City Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry to achieve the latest vision for Capiz.

Chan has signed a Letter of Commitment dated March 7, 2013 with Roxas City Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino and Capiz Gov. Victor Tanco Sr. to ensure a vibrant economy in Northern Panay and the realization of the logistic hub in Northern Panay with Roxas City as center.

The Letter of Commitment states that Roxas City plays an important role in the logistics of northern Panay and that cooperation among governments and private parties is a prerequisite to achieve this.

It said a logistics hub can create an important impulse for the economic development, improving the living standards and the environmental conditions for Panay Island.

So Chan, meanwhile, said that in order to create a coherent framework on March 1, 2013, the three parties developed the first master plan on logistic development with a vision, goal and private projects.

Within this cooperation framework, a number of projects and activities can be developed.

The three partners agree to cooperate in logistic development on aviation, land transport and maritime.

Source: Gerry T. Pagharion