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The Tricycle
Friday, October 30 2015


Tricycle: Roxas City's mode of transport Tricycles have been Roxas City's mode of transportation since time immemorial and have been the source of income for thousands of operators and drivers. They are multiplying as time goes by and their presence speaks about Roxas City's countryside ambiance as well as the old lifestyle of its people. These three-wheeled vehicles are public utility vehicles consisting of a motorcycle and an attached passenger sidecar or is it unmotorized three-wheeled bicycle known as pedicabs. They are dubbed as Kings of the Road in Roxas City because they lord it over both the city's main and lateral roads. The criss-cross the city's streets day in and day out and they out and, in some areas, they can ferry as much as 20 people. Truly, they are a sight to behold.