Pinasahi ang Christmas Tree sang Roxas City subong nga tuig kay ini napun-an sang nilibo nga mga buhi nga mga tanum ukon ornamental plants nga nagasimbolo sang kabuhi sang Paskwa paagi kay Kristo, sa ka simple sang pagkatawo sang aton Manluluwas, kag sang kasanag sang kabuhi sang nag abot Siya sa Kalibutan.

The most important meaning of Christmas is Christ and as Roxas City celebrates Sinadya Festival 2023, our Christmas Tree this year is a symbol of life, of love, of light and of simplicity – elements of a Christ-like existence for us all.

The Roxas City Christmas Tree is a one-of-a-kind expression of Christmas because it is possibly, the first and only ‘living’ tree in Panay Island. It is made of various ornamental plants of various colors. It is a potent symbol of life, it is also an embodiment of renewal – a tree that sheds the old everyday and welcomes the new, in a constant, perpetual cycle. It is a symbol of love, for its commitment to environmental responsibility and ecological balance and sustainability, and it is a beacon of light, a call to each one of us and a reminder that the joy of Christmas is truly, and will always be in being like Christ. With its simplicity, our tree reminds us of how a simple and humble life is always elegant to heaven’s eyes.

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